Corporate Services

Spartan Securities Corporate Services Department was created to enhance our securities trading capabilities for corporate clients. The Corporate Services Department's focus includes the following transactions:

- 10b5-1
- 144 Restricted Stock
- Corporate Stock Repurchase
- Employee Stock Option Plans
- 401k and Retirement Plans
- Managed Accounts for Corporate Executives

Insider trading restrictions are a constant headache for companies and their executives. Executives who receive a significant portion of their compensation in the form of options, restricted stock, or stock grants, have a continual need to sell stock. Yet SEC regulations, company insider trading policies, and fears of allegations of insider trading keep many executives from properly diversifying their holdings.

Rule 10b5-1 trading plans are an ideal solution to this problem. Properly-drafted Rule 10b5-1 plans allow executives flexibility to sell stock without regard to limitations imposed by companies' insider trading policies while complying with SEC regulations. They also provide an affirmative defense to allegations of insider trading. (view our PowerPoint presentation on 10b5-1)

Sale of Restricted Stock
Restricted securities are those securities that have been acquired in a transaction not involving a public offering. They may have been acquired through a venture capital investment, in a private placement from the issuer, or from a "control person" or "affiliate." Also, they may have been acquired through corporate reorganizations, acquisitions, mergers, or in exchange for assets, services, or cash. In our opinion, when a person decides to sell restricted stock or to exercise a cashless option, there are a couple overriding issues to consider. First, the seller should have expert assistance to ensure that all procedures involving the sale comply fully with SEC regulations. Secondly, the seller should be confident that the broker-dealer handling the transaction has the sophistication and ability to maintain a stable market in the stock.

Corporate Stock Repurchase
Many public companies employ stock repurchase programs to increase shareholder value at times when their outstanding securities are perceived to be under priced or to minimize the dilution caused by the use of stock in acquisitions or employee plans. Issuers must design repurchase programs to comply with number of potentially applicable provisions contained in the federal securities laws. At Spartan Securities Ltd., we work closely with our clients to repurchase their own company shares in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Employee Stock Option Plans
Spartan Securities Group, Ltd. is uniquely positioned to offer professional assistance with non-qualified stock option plans with cashless exercise. Stock options are a powerful tool for attracting, retaining, and rewarding the people who make your business work. Through our strategic relationships, we can assist your company with full service stock option outsourcing, including customized reporting, individual optionee statements, and the ability to interface with your Employees and Broker, as well as Payroll and Human Resources Departments to facilitate your reporting requirements.

401k and Retirement Plans
We can help you start, maintain or transfer retirement plans of all types. Let our investment advisors review your 401k plan needs and other retirement planning goals that you may have.

Executive Brokerage Accounts
The Corporate Services Department offers brokerage services and manages accounts for executives of our corporate clients. We would be pleased to discuss this service with you in full detail and in private.