Innovative Financial Solutions
Spartan Securities Group is a full service securities brokerage, investment banking, and market-making firm that serves the needs of publically traded companies, their employees, and their shareholders, through a knowledgeable team of dedicated financial professionals

Our experience enables us to provide innovative financial solutions and advice regarding capital formation, corporate finance, institutional sales and trading, and stock brokerage services.

online trading

What's New At Spartan

Spartan is pleased to announce the launch of its' new ONLINE TRADING PLATFORM.

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Services For Corporations

Spartan provides a niche suite of financial services needed by publicly traded companies.

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144 Restricted Stock
Corporate Stock Repurchase
Employee Stock Option Plans
401k and Retirement Plans
Managed Accounts for Corporate Executives

Services For Retail Investors

Spartan provides equity online brokerage services for its' retail clients. Visit our online trading platform.

Spartan can also assist you with developing a wealth management plan.

To learn more click here, or contact our Client Service Desk at 1-727-362-1637.